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Um de meus passatempos é pintar, trabalhar com madeira, criar nova roupagem para objetos que estavam sem uso ou “sem cor”

Eu faço para decorar minha casa ou para dar a amigos de presente.

Seguem alguns deles: vaso e um porta chá


Um banco para ajudar Sophia a alcançar a pia e as estrelas


Um casa de boneca para Sophia

craft 3


Uma caixa para guardar segredos


Uma mesa esquecida e sem cor


Muitos deles foram criados  escutando boa musica

Maghreb music, Musica, musica norte da Africa

Une chanson d’amour


Taâli is a song written by Mohamed El Kamel and performed for the first time by Salim Halali. Halali represents a sort of musical continuum between Arab and Jewish at a moment when the two were being torn apart in Algeria. It’s a song that celebrates love and nostalgia. His Andalusian rhythm adds to the subtle poetry of his lyrics a sublime harmony that provides a delight to the ears, heart and soul. A wonderful sample of  Maghreb music, I could not find a good translation to English, so if some of my friends who speaks Arabic would like to send me a translation I would appreciate.

After Salim Halali many other singers made versions for this beautiful song, I adore female voices, specially to Arabic language. The unbelievably talented team of Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen, Israeli artists of Moroccan origin, have created this mind blowing version below.


When our eyes meet

Abramović and Ulay met for the first time in Amsterdam in 1975 on their shared birthday. The art they made together was passionate, powerful. They feel in love with each other and lived  this love deply for 12 years.
Their relationship lives on in indelible imagines, such as the pair holding a bow and arrow in tension, the arrowś  tip pointed at Abramović’s heart.


Or in this another one


The most famous relationship in performance art ended dramatically 21 years ago, after a piece in which Ulay and Abramović set out from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China – then met in the middle to say farewell. Ulay says that from 1988-99, he and she did not speak.

So, during one of her performance, The Artist is Present at MoMA, where visitors queued (for hour upon hour) to sit silently opposite her and simply share eye contact, he sit in front of her.

There is such power in the silent sea where their eyes meet. Could you fell?


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Un livre usagé qui cache secrets

I am very fond about books, specially for my books. When I came to New Zealand I brought them in a ship, my books crossed the sea. The same happened when I moved to Argentina, and then when I came back to Brazil.  My books are my companions. Many people ask me amazed, why did you bring books? Because they are part of me. I used to write on them, my books are marked with underlines in the sentences I love more. Few people would like to read books like that, filled of small notes through the pages. My books hold my secrets too. Sometimes I find old letters inside them, forgotten by the time. I like the smell of my old books too looks like chocolate.

Old books always catch my attention, I am addicted for used book stores. They are magical , every time I go to one of  these stores I expected to find a treasure, I like to imagine who is the last person who read that book, which is her/his story, it’s a delightful surprise if  I find some letter or note inside, some clue about who owned that little enchanted item.

I tried e-books and the libraries in Auckland are very good, I read many good books from the libraries. But the old books call me as a sirens. There is a small used book store in Devenport. I need to pick up the ferry boat,  it is nice to see the sea during the travel. The book store has  a nice sofa to sit and flip the pages of a book, the owner always put some French music to play, and the shop smells delicious, I could not distinguish which kind of perfume, sometimes looks like the owner use the same perfume, as the store and her are made together , inseparable, symbiotic relationship. When I sit on the sofa, flipping the pages of some book the time stops and just when I chose a book and cross the door to the street , the clocks beat again.

the view from the sofa
My last purchased



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11 movies and a happy woman

A friend of mine ask me to post on Facebook  pics from 10 movies that caused an impact on your life throughout 10 days, without title or comment. It was hard to choose, I like much more than these 10, maybe if the number was 30 it would be easier.

Some pics from 11 (not 10)  to everybody enjoy and try to discover the names of the movies  🙂


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Sweet Blue

Um buraco negro surgiu

Uma ferida rasgando o espaço

Devorando  asteroides, planetas, estrelas, sóis,

Galaxia após galaxia,

Tudo desaparecendo no abismo noturno

Até que não restou nem uma particula

Do que um dia se chamou Universo

E, se fez o silencio abslouto,

O nada.

Nem começo, nem fim,

Nem sentido

O nada

O vazio

Tua ausencia.