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Laila, Laila


Laila é minha palavra preferida na lingua hebraica, significa noite, foi uma das primeiras palavras que aprendi em hebraico. No arabe a pronúncia é quase a mesma Layl, já que ambos idiomas tem um origem comum. Ontem uma amiga me enviou esta musica, cujo título é Laila, Laila. Uma incrivel mistura destes dois belos idiomas: arabe e o hebraico. A canção originalmente é do Sudão e é cantada em árabe.

Me foi enviado também a tradução da parte em arabe. Segue:

lyrics in Arabic then the pronunciations and then the translation:
القمر بضوي وانا شن بلاني بالنجوم
Algamar bi-dawy w ana shin balany bi-lnojom
The moon is shining and why should I care about the stars ( metaphor)
غنو يا سلام ، سعادة لينا تدوم
Ghanno ya salam saada Laina Dom
Y’all sing for peace and then happiness will be for all of us
ام جبينة بضوي انا شوقي ليكي حزين
Om-jabina bidwy ana shoagy laiky hazin
Om-jabina is shining , I miss you sadly (his love )
زولي البريدو الليلة قيل وين
Zoaly l-barido al-lila gayal wain
I wonder where my love slept tonight
عشان ام زومة بسافر الاتنين
Ashan Om-Zooma basafir alitnin
Because of Om-zooma am traveling in Monday (his love)(second name)
عشان ام زومة بسكن الخرطوم
Ashan Om-zooma bskin lkhartoum
Because of Om-zooma am going to settle in Khartoum
Second, the story:
He loved her then she traveled , so he is going to move there for her.

And in hebrew:
לילה לילה ואתה זורח
Laila Laila ve’ata zoreakh
night night and you are shinning
לילה לילה חיוך לאורר ירח
Laila Laila khiukh le’or yare’akh
night night a smile in the light of the moon
הלילה הזה הוא הנצח עכשיו
halaila haze hu hanetzakh akhshav
this night is the eternity now
אם רק תושיט יד תוכל לקטוף לי כוכב
im rak toshit yad tukhal liktof li cokhav
if you only lift your hand you could get me a star
אולי הלילה יוביל אותי אליך
ulay halaila yovil oti eliekha
maybe this night will bring me to you
אולי הלילה אלך באור דרכיך
ulay halaila elekh be’or drakheikha
maybe this night I will walk in the light of your way
הלילה הזה מלא כוכבים
halaila haze male cokhavim
this night is full of stars
כשאני פה איתך גם השמים שמחים
cshe’ani po itkha gam hashamaim smekhim
when I’m here with you the sky is also happy
לילה לילה ואתה קורא לי
Laila Laila ve’ata kore li
night night and you call to me
לילה לילה אולי זה רק נדמה לי
Laila Laila ulay zero rak nidme li
night night maybe it only seems to me? (that he calls her)
השמש בבוקר תעלה מן ההר
hashemesh baboker ta’ale min hahar
the sun in the morning will rise from the mountain
ורוח חמה תשלח תפילה ממדבר
veruakh khama tishlakh tfila mimidbar
and a warm wind will send a prayer from the desert.




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