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Always waiting…

“VLADIMIR: Well? What do we do?
ESTRAGON: Don’t let’s do anything. It’s safer.”

Beckett (Watining for Godot)

Failing to repent, they sit and wait for Godot to come and save them. There is no orderly sequence of events. A tree which was barren one day is covered with leaves the next. The two tramps return to the same place every day to wait for Godot. No one can remember exactly what happened the day before. Night falls instantly, and Godot never comes. Fear and inaction are clear allusions to Søren Kierkegaard (Fear and Trembling)
Futility and meaninglessness of the characters are parallel to the “Neutrals” in Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”In Canto III the “waiting room” of the Inferno Dante encounters the “Neutrals” “the unhappy people, who never were alive-never awakened to take any part either in good or evil, to care for anything but themselves.Waiting for Godot is the tragicomedy of human life.

Image by Gustave Doré



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