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Chicken with beer, potatoes and stories


This is a recipe I usually do, but I believe I never wrote it before. I remember found it in a magazine that belonged to my mother, an old collection, it is something I keep as a relic since it has table decorations from the 60s and 70s. Whenever I see this magazine i laugh because I remember that my mother often did the same decoration. Over time I was adding other seasonings and, of course, the potatoes. The recipe serves  5 people, 6 people if they put other dishes like white rice and salad.

About the potatoes did you know that the earliest traces of potatoes date back 8,000 years and were found during excavations around the village of Chilca in southern Peru? Due to the Spanish invasion, the potato was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula around 1550 and from there by the rest of Europe. It became an important food only in 1750. However, in countries such as France, Italy and Russia there was enormous resistance to consuming potatoes. It was the French Antoine Parmentier, who survived for 3 years in a wartime prison and was fed on potatoes, which suggested to King Louis XVI to stimulate the cultivation of the tuber. And then the potato became popular, reaching Africa and Asia . The Incas consider the potato a gift from the gods and there is a series of legends about the potatoes among the Andean peoples.


1kg of chicken (thighs, legs, leg quarters or a mix of then)

200 g of bacon cut into slices 1 cm wide and 10 cm long

2 medium onions cut into strips, you can change 2 to 3 onions per echalotes

5 garlic cloves cut into strips

1/2 glass of wine

2 tablespoons of mustard

Salt, pepper, rosemary, ginger powder

500 g of potatoes cut into slices or pieces of 3 to 4 cm (may be skin-on potato wedges, provided they are well washed and cleaned )

500 ml of dark beer

1/2 cup of raisins

2 tablespoons of sugar


1. Arrange the pieces of chicken on the baking sheet and place a slice of bacon in between,  place the potatoes between the remaining spaces or over the top of the meat (not completely covered), season with mustard, salt, black pepper, rosemary and ginger powder. Marinate for 40 minutes in the refrigerator. Petit secret: if the chicken pieces  have skin, make a mixture with butter, black pepper, salt, ginger powder and mustard, separate softly the skin (caution: without taking off completely) remove just enough to gently pass this paste of butter under the skin of the chicken). In this case just put the rosemary and a little salt on top of the potatoes, the other seasonings will already be in the chicken.

2. Mix in a small bowl, raisins, sugar and a part of the beer (1 cup)

3. In a frying pan, add a little butter (1 tablespoon) and fry the onion, and the garlic, when they are almost golden brown, put the wine,wait until it almost evaporates. Throw it over the chicken.

4. Put the remaining beer and the mixed beer with raisins over the meat. Cover with aluminum foil.  Bake in a preheated oven on medium/low temperature (180ºC / 160ºC), the important  is that the beer must not evaporate totally and the chicken must be soft, in my house it takes about 1 hour.

Here is a photo of the old  magazine. This one did not have the potatoes as soon as I make it at home, I will upload the photo with the potatoes.



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